Save The Planet. ReduceReuseRecycle The Plastic

Do everything and anything you can to save our home, mother earth. This may be our last chance to make a difference. Make it happen

Take a small step. Make a movement. Join us to make an impact.

Let us raise awareness, promote adoption, and spread the good word of sustainable practices, together.

Research and Education

The Sustainability Foundation promotes research and development in the field of environment and sustainability and believes in sharing information and knowledge with the community and the world.

Partnership and Community

We are collaborating with general members of society, community leaders, researchers, and scholars to consolidate the efforts towards meaningful action.

Delegation and Advocation

The organization will raise issues of environmental concerns with political and community leaders, business and industry, and other stakeholders, and delegate the responsibility to the advocacy groups within the organization and collaborate with partners and like-minded organizations.

The Story Behind Of Our Movement

The dangers of climate change and environmental degradation have reached gargantuan proportions, an imminent catastrophe is not lying in the distant future, but is lurking around the corner, and the threat is decidedly real and palpable. Big agreements were drafted and signed in big conferences for decades now, but the commitments have not been fulfilled, and the changes have not resulted in desired effects. We decided to make changes happen, not in the future, but here and now. Members of the foundation joined hands from different parts of the world, and thus The Sustainability Foundation came into existence. 

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Collaborated Partner

The foundation is currently collaborating with community leaders of the Aarhus municipality, Denmark, researchers, and experts in the field of climate change, environment, and sustainability from all over the world.

We Take Action. To Make Better Changes

To make the aims and objectives visible in real life we have targeted the following goals

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Planned Projects

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Our Key Priorities

Our key priorities are to involve the local communities, children, students, community leaders, political leaders, business and industry, and people in every walks of life to make tangible and palpable changes by adopting sustainable practices in their daily lives.

Green Energy

Green Energy

Quick and effective transition to green and sustainable energy

No Plastic

No Plastic

Minimum or no use of plastic products. Reuse and Recycle unavoidable plastic.



Preserve and enhance natural ecosystem and habitat through eco-friendly and eco-benevolent behavior.

Our Events

Our events are.

COP 26 and Global Sustainability Web Conference

Growing Green Bonds in Vietnam for Renewable Energy projects

the International Meet on Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Horizons LIVE - How hydrogen can transform the global energy trade

COP26 Webinar Series - Renewable fuels of non-biological origin & Green H2

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News & Update

Ongoing COP26 at Glasgow, UK

New legal requirements must ensure a more sustainable use of biomass

In 2 years, India added a Delhi and Goa in green cover

Poorer nations 'more focused on sustainability'

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